Attic Insulation

Our Bay Area attic insulation specialists can help reduce your heating & energy costs

R-11 insulated batting being installed in the upper attic joists The best time to insulate an attic is when the roof is off. It is much easier than crawling through the trusses with sweat dripping off your forehead. There is also far less mess because the insulation doesn't have to be dragged through your home to the attic entrance. With it being so much easier to insulate with the roof off, it simply made sense for us to start offering to place it for our customers. 

A poorly insulated attic can lead to temperatures upwards of 150 degrees in the attic space. Temperatures this high can cause damage to roof shingles by melting the tar and causing the gravel to easily fall away. In addition, a properly insulated attic can cut heating a cooling costs considerably. In the summer, the air in the attic will remain cooler and the heat transferred into your home will be reduced so you can run your air conditioner for less time. In the winter, this same insulation will keep your attic from becoming cold so your heater runs less as well.

This service can of course be added as an upgrade if needed and the insulation can be applied appropriately during the process of your roof installation. Consider it getting two projects accomplished at once, and your home will love you for it