Dry Rot Repair

Our Bay Area dry rot repair specialists can restore your roof's structural integrity

before a roofing dry rot repair in the Bay AreaDry rot is something that we in the industry expect to find at every roofing job yet it always comes a surprise to the customer. The reason that there is so much dry rot is that the original roofing on a residence wasn't always sealed correctly, or more often than not, the attic space was improperly insulated.

Dry rot happens when moisture gets trapped under the roof and can't dry out fully. The most common places to find dry rot are on the north side of the roof or under shade trees. It doesn't happen quickly and can take many years to become evident. While it may not be as bad as a termite infestation, it does leave damage that needs replacing.

It doesn't take a lot of time to repair and doesn't cost much, but it has to be replaced when it occurs. At Sonrise roofing, we include dry rot costs in our contracts. When we do find an instance of rot we will bring it to your attention and let you know what material costs are going to be. We don't deal in hidden costs, so you'll know about these and any other issues when they happen. This is just another way Sonrise roofing delivers honest service.