Hi my name is Kevin Farrer

Kevn Farrer has over 25 years of roofing experience in the Fremont areaI was born and raised in San Francisco Bay area. My parents raised all 7 of their children with the love for work and installed great work ethics in us. When I was 17 I started helping local roofers with some of their projects. Right from the start deep in my heart I knew that roofing would be something I would want to do in the future. I enjoyed the hard labor and working outside. It was an honor and a privilege to be taught by some of the best roofers in the industry. To this day I am grateful for their patience with me, I was just a young man with a dream. As years went by and I became more skillful and confident in my workmanship, I started pursuing a dream of starting my own company. In a few years Sonrise roofing was born. Getting a new company established was not an easy task, but with a lot of hard work people notice the quality of my workmanship and doors started to open and soon I found myself flooded with work. No job was too big or too small for me. I strived to honor God through my workmanship, as I lead the company to new heights of professionalism and success. Homeowners were happy, my family was blessed, and I felt as an accomplished roofer. As a company, we grew together and became a closely knit family and remain a family to this day. It was also a huge blessing to train my son Adam to be a skilled roofer as well as my step son Jason and many other young and ambitious men. Today my vision for my company is the same as it was when it first was established. We desire to specialize in quality and to continue to serve our community in the best way possible. Good name should rather be chosen than riches and I am happy to report that Sonrise has a good name and for that I am grateful. Without you the homeowners our company's' good name would not be established, so thank you for your trust in me and my workers!