Safety Practices

Our roofers take safety seriously

a roofing contractor uses a saftey harness to secure himself while working on a third story roofRoofing is a dangerous business, and as such, we are always acutely aware of our surroundings. The first thing we do when we pull up to a job is talk about safety and remind each other to be careful and not do things the fast way, but the right way. It doesn't matter if we are climbing up a ladder, walking on a high pitch roof, using a skill saw or nail gun, or working in extremely hot conditions, we always follow strict safety protocol. We don't just think about safety when we are up on the roof. We're always conscious of where everyone is and what they are doing. For example, we always double check before we back up a truck or toss materials down from the roof.

Our team utilizes personal and jobsite safety equipment including steel toed shoes, harnesses, safety cones, roof jacks and many other devices that prevent accidents. Employee and customer safety is the number one concern when we are on the jobsite. We continually talk about it in our safety meetings, tailgate meetings and while we're up on the roof. We have first aid kits on site and always bring plenty of water with us so we don't dehydrate. We are always finding new ways to promote safety on the jobsite for the good of our employees, our customers and anyone is the vicinity of a job in progress. The one thing that is unquestioned is our commitment to safety here at Sonrise roofing.